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Best electric shaver Braun Sequence 7 790cc & 720 Differences

790cc & 720 Differences

The Braun Collection 7 720 Shaver is the main alternative to the 790cc in the UK, and additionally in the USA the 760cc model. (The 760cc is missing a few features from the 790cc, namesly the clean and renew unit and has a more basic information panel, however the price difference Best electric shaver this site has often been negligible meaning you should probably get the 790cc for clean and convenient shaving.)

Braun's Collection seven range of shavers is the current flagship Braun shaver models. The 790cc being the leader of the pack, has all the features on offer. The 720 is essentially a shaver of the same technology, but a somewhat stripped down version when compared to its big brother the 790cc. Whether you need the extra features or not is a personal decision. 

Let us discuss those differences here.

Clean and Renew Unit For Hygiene

The most obvious difference that you would notice if you were taking both shavers straight out of the box is that the 790cc comes with an extra part known as the clean and renew unit, whereas the 720 does not.

This feature is quite significant as it keeps your shaver head fresh and clean after each use - much more pleasant and hygienic for you to use than having to manually clean your shaver head after each use. It works by you inserting the head of your shaver after use. The unit will then use its jet powered flushing mechanism during a cycle of flushes through the head of your shaver to remove all dirt, oil and any other debris that has accumulated in your shaver.

This is by far much more hygienic than you could ever hope to achieve by using the brush alone. It works by using cartridges that you will need to renew, whether a cartridge Best electric shaver lasts one month or three, depends on how frequently you perform a cleaning cycle. You can usually buy replacement cartridges in packs of 2 or 3.

Another bonus of the clean and renew unit is that it will automatically charge your shaver's battery while in use. That said, you can charge the 720 from the mains, so this is just a nice, convenient extra rather than an exclusive feature.

The other main difference lies in the display panel of the Braun Series 7 790cc and the 720. The 720's display panel is not as detailed as the 790cc's panel.

Display Panel Shows Shaver Health & Hygiene Level

The 790cc's display panel provides detailed information on the level of battery charge remaining in the rechargeable battery which helps you quickly and accurately identify how many minutes of the 50 minute maximum shaving time the battery will allow without recharging. It also informs you how dirty your shaver is after the last shave, which in turn indicates how intensive the cleaning cycle will be that the clean and renew unit needs to run.

The 720 simply has a more basic display which only signifies a high, middle and low battery charge levels. As there is no clean and renew unit, there is no indication of how filthy your shaver head is.

At the time of writing, the difference in price between these two shavers is significant. Depending on the time of the year and other factors, the gap may narrow - which makes going for the convenience and hygiene of the 790cc a must. If the gap is £50 or more then you need to ask yourself if you feel it is still worth paying for the advantage of cleanliness, hygiene and convenience provided by the 790cc's clean and renew unit. So hands down, while the price difference is negligible, it is best to buy now a 790cc